Nothing lasts forever. Let's be that 'nothing'.

Times like these…

Times like these makes me ponder.. whether humanity deserved it… and going by ‘things that are meant to happen, will happen’ — is some sort of a revenge game that nature is playing with us. For all those years that we’ve exploited it. But all this at the cost of innocent lives too? It’s a testing time for all .. patience at all cost.

Heart goes out to every person whose time on earth was limited by this ugly ass virus. And to those they’ve left behind.. As I type this, watching the worth of a human life unfold before me, I’m eternally thankful and praying hard for this dreaded time to end— a period that will be counted in history as one of the most helpless times of all.

Sending out much more positivity in the universe, than ever before. ✨✨✨

When COVID-19 dropped by.

Love at first flight. 🛫

Love at first flight.

What’s that?
A turbulence?
Look outside for them cotton candy clouds,
Waiting to catch your fallen dreams..
Listen to that baby behind you cry,
Adamant for the window seat..
And in that moment you’d relate yourself with that kid,
Hopelessly craving for the view outside,
Diverting yourself from that turbulence of life.

What’s that?
Mid-air space?
A place between the skylines and landscapes.
An escape, a momentary deep nap,
Announcements made, “fasten those seat belts,”
Grab it, close your eyes tight,
Until it’s too late, before you land.

What’s that?
A stranger’s smile across the aisle?
Uneasy as the eyes meet,
Exchanging thoughts of worldly vibes..
A bond that takes off and lands in a jiffy,
Until next time, until next time…
Why these fly-high adventures are dear to me, you ask?
The breaking dawn to the subsiding dusks,
Up above the sky..
It’s these small moments that make it larger than life.
Love at first flight… 🛬


The Pre-Corona Newsroom- A must read from my very own dear warrior friend. ❤️

It was business as usual for me as a journalist even as the world went into lockdown. Not too much had changed in the newsroom except the things we …

The Pre-Corona Newsroom

Places Talk…

I’ve always believed that places talk. Like they have a story to tell. Like a person. A sense of familiarity.

Some who’d catch your eyes at one go. And some that are mysterious, waiting to be explored. Some that would connect with you even if you meet after ages. And some you’d sit and talk with for many hours, yet feel like there are still a million things to ask. To tell.

Of such people and places that you can’t help but, stay. A little longer.

– H.B.M.


This thought that crossed my mind today. A beautiful one. Of how intimacy means different for different people and yet sums the same note. How love carries different definitions for different couples. A 24/7 chat for one, while for another a few teasing minutes over a call. Of how people meet. Over dating apps to an unexpected ‘Hi’ over Whatsapp on a Sunday afternoon.

You’d judge a millennial’s way of living and loving now.. wouldn’t you? Well in this age while some bonds last and some don’t, they do teach us a lot. Way more than back in 70’s. Call this hi-tech gen a boon or bane? You decide. But this is as difficult to commit to, as it was back in those good ‘ol days..


Arrivals and Departures…

Something about arrivals and departures I learnt…

Arrival: 🛬

That gush of immense joy. Ready to embrace of what’s ahead. Carefree. That embracing moment of rejoice and of don’t-want-to-let-go-off warm hugs.

Departures: 🛫

That moment when you wish for an untimely apocalypse. For the clock to stop. Heart sinks a little to force yourself out of the sheets. 5 mins more until the announcement made. Finding settlements in goodbyes, only until the next ‘arrival.’

But the best moments are the ones lived in between these arrivals and departures. In between those clouds.

Just like the ones between life and death. Treasure your precious.

Make the most of it.

Live the moment. ⛅️


Grey Love…

What is it that makes us like a person? 

Love a person? 

Ever wondered what amount of efforts it takes to love? 

Or is it an effortless graceful dance? 

If you had to pick a colour to define love, which one would you? 

Red you’d say? Black? Back & white? 

I’d say grey. 

Think about it. 

We say love ain’t perfect. And perfect it should never be. 


Start off with an empty canvas, 

What colours would you throw? 

Brush away with those bright peaches in the beginning, 

But the colours don’t last forever. They fade. 

As you watch the canvas you once painted afresh, 

Watch it lose its newly coated wet smell of the paint… 

Did you notice that it’s not the black and white that lasts? 

It’s the grey that does. 


Those little indifferences, 

The ones that make you you and make me who I am, 

Some that I take from you and some that I lend you. 

It’s a swirl of colours, eventually diluting to becoming grey.. 

As we get old, the age, the wrinkles and those greys that peep from your black mane.. 

It’s these greys that make us wise. 

Makes love wise. 

Coz grey. Baby, that’s the colour of love. 



And what if…

And what if I lose my mind and memory someday?
And what if I fall numb someday?
What if I get lost in a crowd someday?
Would you look out for me?

What if I lie still and calm before you someday?
And what if that day is tomorrow?
What would you do?
Would you cry or would you wake me up from this nightmare?


Subs, coke, movies.

Have you ever fallen for a person over a movie?
An action movie is not an exaggeration.
When your heart starts pounding,
When all you have is a countdown,
To make your decision,
To give it a shot.

A person who lets you forget the world,
Your not so long lost past,
Someone who lets you be you,
Who smiles at your silliness,
Who tests you every now and then,
Only for a better tomorrow,
Who holds on to you so tight,
That you can’t breathe.
Who calls you his angel,
His life,
I will take care of you, he says.
Have you found your “person” yet?

His lips pressing against your shoulder,
His hugs from the behind,
His soft utterance into your ears,
For whom you’d let loose your hair,
Lost in a world so beautiful,
So wild.
Who admires your breath, your hair, your eyes,
With a peck behind your neck
And a kiss on your forehead,
Have you found your person yet?

He who guards you every moment,
Sense of safety with his arms around you,
That hug, that love.
That knight in your armor of dreams,
Who makes you fall for him,
A little more, everyday.

I’m looking for my person.

Have you found your’s yet?


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